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If you are reading this and want to watch your weight (not gain weight), lose weight (which I’m surmising is several of you) or just enjoy mealtime more (all of you) it is time to break a habit.  The best way to break a habit that isn’t working for you, is to replace it with a new one, that will work for you. 

Habit of the day: Eating while watching television. Eating while driving.  Eating while reading. Eating while working on the computer. 
All these fall into unconscious calorie consumption or “amnesia eating” as per a previous blog post worth reading again. 
When you are doing something else while eating, you are not paying attention then to the eating experience. You are merely filling your belly, and not really experience the texture of the food, the eye appeal of the food, the taste or texture. Not only will the meal or snack be WAY less satisfying, you will not be paying attention to your actual appetite. It becomes merely the task at hand.
This void created by not EXPERIENCING the snack or meal, is what causes that deprived feeling, making you want to eat more, and also contributes to unnecessary and excess calorie consumption. 
To start enjoying the experience of eating, which is more satisfying to your eyes, palate, brain, stomach and choices, stop multitasking. Turn on the radio, enjoy dinner with friends and family, and kill the television and computer to start noticing another habit change that results in gradual, permanent weight loss.
I’ve been there done that,
Your Austin Trainer,