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If you are acquainted with me, then you’ve heard from me how important a proper breakfast is. A donut? Not! Missing all together? Not good either.  Skipping the most important meal of  your day starts you off on the wrong foot on so many levels. Having a proper breakfast on the hand other, levels your blood sugar, helps promote weight loss if you’re on a weight loss program, increases energy, helps you feel less stressed, and on and on. I’m going to list my favorite and easiest (easy is key) breakfast. For you time crunched folks…it’s quick, tastes great, and is good for you. Yeah, yeah, I realize the lettering is backwards..but you can see the labels. I love Skippy Natural as it’s void of trans fats (the bad stuff) and does NOT require refrigeration, and stays solid at room temperature!!! 

I prefer to spread it onto a toasted Pita Pocket, also shown backwards. For you Austin folks, I can tell you it’s on a low shelf in front of the HEB deli sliced meat area.  In most all bread isles are an alternate I also like; low carb tortillas by Mission – right out of the bag and/or toasted, with Peanut Butter.

I know a few of you have peanut allergies; I’m sorry! A great substitute for PB is Whipped Cream Cheese, or Cottage Cheese or Eggs! I’m just pluggin the PB thing here today. 

Warm regards,