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I received a free (yay) box of oat bran when I ordered from the Dukan site. On the box is a pancake (or galette) with a recipe a bit different then the one in his book and on line. I like this one better for two reasons: It’s easier (one less ingredient) and it’s more dense, thick and heavy, and to me, just better! Firmer for sure for picking up or cutting into pieces.

1.5 tablespoons oat bran
2 tablespoons non fat greek yogurt
one egg white

I actually double this most times, to make two at one shot.

1. Mix the yogurt and bran.(im lazy so I push this thick blog to the side of bowl)

2. Crack egg white in the scooped out spot and beat with fork,

3. Mix it all up really well until it’s smooth. Takes some elbow grease but it’s worth it!

Pour into non stick skillet MEDIUM heat. Patience here: About 4-5 minutes on first side, till it starts to dry on the top…A spatula should EASILY lift the whole cake; flip and do 3-4 or so more minutes on second side. Cool and enjoy, or, don’t cool and enjoy. haha

See how thick? I cool them on a splatter screen, and photographed to show the thickness!