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If you purchase Dukan Oat Bran, there are recipes on the side of the box (shown here). I took the recipe for 4 muffins (who has a tin for 4? haha) and doubled it, so I end up with One Tablespoon Bran PER muffin. I just poured the mix evenly by eyeshot, into my six slot non stick muffin pan. The recipe as you see calls for 4, so by doubling the INGREDIENTS, you end up just pouring more into each of 6 tin cups, for even bran intake. Easy to calculate your daily consumption that way. I made the cinnamon with personal touch for more density. I tossed in a couple tablespoons of non fat yogurt and a couple tablespoons of non fat cream cheese. (Very nummie recipe coming soon by my client for lemon bar muffins, with cream cheese and lemon zest).

Pour mix into six non stick tin; I just eyeball it.

They pop out of tins really easy….then I cool and eat, if I’m patient enough to wait. haha