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This is a No Fat, No Sugar Dessert!

It is plain, non fat Greek Yogurt, and I stirred in a tablespoon or so of sugar and fat free Mrs. Butterworths maple syrup.

Then I broke up a packet of Dukan Cookies (sometimes choc chip, sometimes coconut) into the yogurt, sprinkle in goji berries sometimes,and this time, spritzed the top with a nice blob of Fat Free, Sugar Free whipped cream (Redi wip).

Talk about nummy and satisfying and works for Weight Watches And CRUISE Phase and beyond of Dukan!

Greek yogurt and Dukan cookies make a fat and sugar free treat!

This one has goji berries, and my homemade oat bran muffin broken up into pieces and mixed in. SO GOOD! Filling and you WILL lose weight!

A variation with goji berries, and the oat bran gives a nice hearty texture!