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I decided a while back to post something about stress (de-stressing) every Friday. Today, take time for YOU. Many of you (you know who you are) put yourselves at the bottom of the needs-to-take-care-of list, if you even make it onto the list.  As few as five minutes will do the trick. Take an extra long bathroom break; you’re alone (I presume) so just hang, and be. If arriving at destination via car, stay in the car, with soft tunes, or with just the silence, before jetting into the office, the store or your house. Just stop. Five minutes is what I am asking you all to take today. It will seem like 30 or more if you never do this. The benefits are many; the feeling afterward is so worth it. Quiet, lazy, calm-the-cerebral-chatter-and-relax time, just for you. Please give it a shot. Five minutes. 

Happy and Healthy Friday to you all,