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So, the title here might seem extreme at first glance. Amnesia, you say? Yes. Ask yourself this: What did I eat yesterday. If its evening when you see this, can you even remember what you ate today? If you cannot, even if you try to recall, that is amnesia eating. Eating while watching tv, and suddenly, the plate, (or worse the bag) is empty, but you don’t even remember eating it all. THAT is amnesia eating. If you are having difficulty losing those extra pounds – I suggest you cease ‘amnesia eating’ and become CONSCIOUS. I don’t just mean awake. I mean really paying attention to what you are eating. Its too easy to pass that coworkers desk and dip into their candy jar. Its too easy (those with young children listen up) to finish what your child didn’t and just eat it..”it’s just a bite or two, no big deal”…right? Wrong! Think about what all that adds up to, and you would be shocked.  Become CONSCIOUS. Ever go poke in the fridge just because…snitch a little bite without a second of thought? Its not even on your daily calorie radar. 

All this auto-eating…this amnesia eating, per day, let alone per week, or a month (especially during holidays!!) adds up to calories and weight ON. One day you say to yourself “how did this happen?” Most likely you tuned out – and started amnesia eating. I’m not saying it’s easy to face it. BUT..putting that spotlight on all the things you snack on, here and there, make you very aware of how the weight got on, and continues to stay on.  Its not rocket science. That’s the good news. Its an easy, easy fix. 
Starting now, think twice. Become conscious; stop amnesia eating, and you may very well notice weight loss effortlessly.