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thebosu1One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the BOSU, which means Both Sides Up, or Both Sides Utilized. There are probably a hundred or more ways to use this thing if you’re really clever. I like how it challenges stability while standing, laying or sitting on it, as it recruits more core and ‘balancing’ muscles. Many of you have used this with me dozens of different ways, the flat side and the soft side.  You’ve experienced how effective it is in supporting your back when horizontal, allowing safer, greater range of motion when working on those abs! It’s great for novice to seasoned exercisers.  No, I don’t get a kickback from the BOSU folks; I’m just plugging an effective and fun tool, if you’re considering purchasing something and not sure what to get.  This is just one of many options for home equipment that I’ve discussed on this blog.  I will continue to update with new ideas; feel free to email me with any questions on this or other “stuff” you may want to purchase, (or already have and don’t know how to use). 

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