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Determining your Body Mass Index (BMI) has never been easier. It is the measure of your weight in relationship to your height. The following URL makes it very easy to calculate your BMI. This website (just one of many) has useful information about BMI, and also suggests one of my favs; your waist measurement. BMI numbers are very general, and take nothing into account but your height to weight ratio. The higher your BMI, the higher your risk, so your BMI is still useful and helpful as broad overall indicator of health.
This will lead to the question about body FAT percentages.  There are many methods to measure body fat.  The most readily available ones have a significant error rate up to 8%!  This is why I am not a fan.  I prefer the tape measure myself with BMI as an indicator. 
That said, whatever your method, here are body fat percentages for men and women:  (You want to be in a range….not hold a specific exact number!) 
                                             Women                              Men
Athletes:                               14-20%                         6-13%
Fitness:                                21-24%                          14-17%
Acceptable:                         25-31%                          18-25%
Obese:                                  32%+                               25%+