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Okay everybody, playtime’s over! haha


Remember how lousy you feel every January because you are one of the ones who gained weight in November and December? Let this NOT be that year. Your stomach and body don’t know it’s “holiday season” so don’t take that fact out on your body this time. Thanksgiving really, is the one day.  All the days after are about feeling badly from the one day. It’s JUST ONE DAY of splurge. Okay, if it’s a few days for some of you, that’s still a blip on the radar screen of weeks or months of healthy new habits and new weight loss. Weight control is a process, not perfection. Enjoy the get togethers with friends and family; the next day eat properly again; move a bit more if you overdid, and realize that one day, or those few days, do not “blow everything” or all your hard work and new habits you acquired the weeks before. This is when you DECIDE. Not this year, I’m not going to drop it just because I had some fun. You didn’t “blow it”.

Like I said above, playtime’s over, back on track time. December can be a great month; it’s not too hot to exercise outdoors, the gyms are usually slower with people out shopping, traffic is easy with school breaks, so you have more time to focus on “watching it”.

Let THIS be the year you wake up January 1st and feel better from what you did in December. I’ll help you.

BACK ON TRACK, her too, sand play done!  chloenewtread

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