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In a nutshell I mean do not consume extra calories because you spent (extra) time exercising.

Many people decide to start a program in January, or increase the number of workouts they do per week, or increase the intensity and/or duration of each workout. That in itself is great. One also expects to see fat loss as a result of this, right? You certainly don’t expect to gain weight, right? This “unconscious” weight gain occurs more commonly then you may think…from increasing workouts and increasing body fat along with it.  WHY? 
After doing the extra days per week, or better, harder, longer or faster workouts, all too often you will eat more (“since I worked out so hard”). 
The net result? Because you exercised more then usual, you will all too easily EAT more then usual. And..those extra calories “because I worked out extra” usually exceed the number of extra calories you burned during that additional, harder, faster and longer workout. 
Moral of the story? Do more workouts, yes; harder, faster, better, longer – that’s great! Then….EAT THE SAME CALORIES AS BEFORE (or less) and you will notice a decrease in body fat as well. 
Happy January,