Personal Trainer in Harlingen | Rio Grande Valley

We are so lucky here in Austin to have this gem known as Town Lake, er, I know, I know, Lady Bird Lake. Sorry…I still call it Town Lake. 

By any name, it is still fabulous. If you have not been, GO. You all know where it is. You may not all know WHAT it is. It’s a walking trail, a strolling trail, a trail with baby strollers, side by side with hard core runners. A trail with fitness walkers and women chatting about, well, name it. 
A place to go alone, with a friend, or with your kids to feed the ducks.  There is plenty of parking and, last but not least, a place to take your dog. Your dog will thank you.
In the perfect world, you will go, and love it so much you take your dog time and time again, your husband, your partner, your girlfriend..or alone. 
Its fitness and peace and stress reduction all in one. Go. Now. It’s beckoning you. Ask me to go with you. I will, and you will thank me later. Its the best way to fitness into your life joyfully. Trust me on this one. ;-)
Warm regards,