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What’s your number?  Copy this link into your browser to calculate your BMI and Calorie needs at rest:

This topic (what defines obese) has surfaced a lot lately in my work, hence this post today. The current accepted standard for measuring obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI). In a previous blog post of mine titled “body mass index vs body fat percentage” I list specifics, so please reference it for details.

Above is just a quick calculator I found on the web that’s easy (and fun?) to do.  It also gives you your calorie needs AT REST. “At rest” meaning what you burn; what your body needs to stay alive, at rest, and nothing more.  BMI does not take into account people who are body builders, pregnant, have frames way small or way larger then the norm, etc. It just happens to be the most convenient and accessible way to find your height to weight ratio.  If your BMI is over 30, you are classified as clinically obese. Over 40, morbidly obese. A waist measurement (generally) over 35 for women is considered obese, and over 40 for men.

I believe it’s important we face the truth of our BMI. It’s the first step to doing something about it! (See me for details on where to begin!) :-)

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I’M ONLY 20!!!!!! (er, I mean my BMI is 20)     bmi20