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Now is a good time to make this point about brisk exercise, since it’s the time of year I hear “I don’t have time” the most. I’m speaking more to cardio in this post, aka fat burning & aerobic “steady state” movement. I call it “breaking a sweat” time. 
All or none mentality means: Completely bagging breaking a sweat if you decide you don’t have time for your planned 20-30 minutes. This thinking has to stop!
NEW FLASH! Rather then bag it entirely, do TEN MINUTES. YES! It IS valuable. It adds up, 1o minutes here, 12 minutes there, by the time the week is over, look at what you did! The alternative was ZERO.  
These mini sessions of 10 minutes will have a positive mental & physical affect on you. One that you may not even be consciously aware of.  It will motivate you to be more food conscious (sound familiar) to feel better about yourself, and motivate you for the next 10 minutes (don’t say “just 10?”) versus you skipping it entirely because you just couldn’t make the 20 or 30. 
Start to change that all or none mentality. Think instead: “BOY, I’M GLAD I DID THAT 10 MINUTES… felt great.” Versus feeling badly that you skipped it. Feel good about what you DID do!  It’s 10 minutes that will add onto the next 10, and so on.  Eventually you will make time ;-) and go for that 20 or 30.